Gothic Beauty magazines, Issue 44, available at Subspace

pre-order-44[1]A limited number of Gothic Beauty magazines, Issue 44, available at Subspace. $6.95 + tax

Features in this issue include Wysterium Wear, Ichigo Black, Victoria Price, director Robert Rodriguez, Voltaire, and more,

Pearls & Swine, artist Lora Zombie, London Edge fashion trade show, Hair from Hell, Dellamorte & Co., Reiki: The Mysterious Art of Healing, Unique Gothic Mask DIY and more.

(Photo: Annie Bertram. Model: La Esmeralda)

July Kilt & Corset Sweepstakes


Do you like to win free stuff? We mean like really GOOD stuff?!?!

Get your entry in here for our “Subspace July Sweepstakes” to possibly win in a drawing for:

  • A Stumptown Kilt! ($190 value) OR…
  • A corset of your choice by Timeless Trends! ($120-130 value.)

One winner in each drawing will be chosen at random at the end of July!  Come see us at Subspace for more details and to enter!  No purchase necessary.  You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

What’s under your Kilt?


Subspace is proud to announce that we now carry StumpTown Kilts (STK).

STK kilts are made right here in the Pacific Northwest…Portland, OR to be exact.  These are quality utility style kilts at a great price.  And now they are available in Boise!

Stay tuned for information on how you can win a free STK Kilt from Subspace!


  • Adjustable to 5-6 Waist Sizes
  • Wrinkle-free Box Pleats
  • Hidden Internal Pocket
  • Comes with Two Attachable Pockets (1-small, 1-large)
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Twill Blend
  • Durable Riveted Construction

About StumpTown Kilts

StumpTown Kilts (STK) was founded in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2009 by kilt enthusiasts who decided to create their own version of a modern kilt.  After many nights of brainstorming over numerous pitchers of PBR at the local neighborhood pub, the owners of StumpTown Kilts undertook the process of bringing their vision to life. With a strong belief and conviction that they could produce a better men’s utility kilt, they made the decision to launch StumpTown Kilts. They gathered up their bar napkin sketches and scattered notes and headed off to the local seamstress to create a prototype. After two years, two seamstresses and 16 Prototypes, they got it right.



Preview of Old Salt Designs Pin Ups at Modern Art (Photos: Bittersweet Photography)

Thanks again Old Salt Designs and Press for letting us participate in this wonderful event showcasing your work…and with such beautiful, local models!!! It’s always a pleasure to work with Red Betty’s Hair House and BitterSweet Photography too!  (Subspace provided the pinup clothing with exception of tee shirts)

At Modern Art 2014 , Modern Hotel and Bar, Boise, Idaho.

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