Idaho Burning Man Regional Decompression 2017 ~ "Communication" Oct 5~8.

Idaho Burning Man Regional Decompression 2017 ~ "Communication"  Oct 5~8.

Get your tickets for this year's Idaho Decompression weekend NOW at Subspace!

Now that we have all gotten that thing in the desert completed and carted all the stuff back to our origins, let us now all jump onto the Decompression plan! Idaho Decompression runs an extra day this time: Starting on Thursday, October 5th and goes through Sunday afternoon October 8th, on the beautiful Twin Springs meadow. Read all of the rules, suggestions and important info on the Idaho Decompression pages. Such as...

"This is a WEEKEND CAMPING EVENT.  Bring everything you need to survive a weekend in the wilderness. We've listed some basics for you here:

  • Water (a gallon a day per person - minimum!)
  • Shelter (Don't forget to stake your sh*t down - or you will watch your home blow away!)(Decomp circa 2014)
  • Food (duh)

Practice Radical Self-Reliance. Plan accordingly. We Leave No Trace, we respect others, and we cause no harm. You are Burners, you know this sh*t. But in case you don't, please familiarize yourself with the 2017 Burning Man Survival Guide: This is Idaho in October. Be prepared."

Sign up as a volunteer with any of the project groups you would like--Be a participant! The one thing these amazing events need is YOU & your time & skills! Communal Effort!

Now what YOU NEED is a ticket. Yes, volunteers, performers, organizers --everyone needs a ticket to get in (unless you are under 12 years old.) Subspace is your local Boise spot to buy Idaho Decomp tickets, $75 ea Adult (18 and older) + tax + $3 processing fee. This is less than buying online. Teen participants 12-17 years old need a teen ticket, $25 + tax, purchased only with an adult ticket for the parent or legal guardian of the teen (no extra fee.) By the way, teens & kids are welcomed on most volunteer teams, if they are capable of helping in an enthusiastic way! Contact your team leads. We love to teach the kids (Radical inclusion) about do-ocracy!

As usual the tickets are limited, no tickets will be sold at the gate, and this year we predict it will sell out well before the event starts! So, get your tickets NOW while you have the chance this month!

Subspace will sell tickets until they are gone, or until we close on Wednesday October 4th to leave for Decomp. Closed Sunday & Monday (always,) and open Tuesday Oct 3rd, Wed Oct 4th. But there are a few weeks of September left to get tickets!!!!

Please do not come to Decompression as a spectator! This event is all about being a part of this creative community. This is NOT a music festival thrown to entertain people. YOU, and every person there should be bringing the happy things, the hard work, the offerings to the whole crowd. You get to be the rock star and blow everyone away with your midnight grilled cheese stand, or pass out cold sodas to people who come to your camp, bring your latest art project to place on view at Center Camp, or offer a relaxing space to listen to chill music. It is up to you! It doesn't have to cost a lot to give something that is appreciated--Gifting can be a hug, or simply listening to someone's story. 

My wish is for you to enjoy Decompression for what it is: a get-away from every-day default world life. A fulfilling lesson in what you can accomplish or help accomplish with good hard work and community spirit. A way to become a part of a community that values skills offered freely. Put away your phone camera, and just listen to the birds, watch the clouds change, dance the night away, be present in the moment, as it will be gone in a few days. Immediacy! (It's way better than selfies!)

See you on the meadow!


 Photo by John H. at Decomp 2016


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