Tickets for Idaho Decomposition 2018 "Eye Wide Open" OCT 4th-7th

Tickets for Idaho Decomposition 2018 "Eye Wide Open" OCT 4th-7th

Get your Idaho Decomp tickets at Subspace now through October 3rd!

Check out all the Event Details at the Idaho Decompression Website!


Idaho Decompression 2018 will be held on October 4th through 7th at Twin Springs Resort.
What is Decompression?


Idaho Decompression, also called Decomp, is a community event that functions on community participation for decompressing purposes as we settle back into the default world after our week in the desert.


This is a non-profit event held by burners for burners whether or not they've been to Burning Man.  Ticket sales cover the cost of throwing the event.  We strive to keep this event affordable for all, and in doing so it may not be as flashy as other events - remember, we aren't putting on a show - YOU are the show, we only arrange the infrastructure.   Any proceeds left over will be donated back to the Decomp infrastructure, Decomp Art Grants, and local artists.  Our budget is 100% public and we will share it with any who are interested.




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