Tickets for Sensory Illumination XII available now at Subspace!

Tickets for Sensory Illumination XII available now at Subspace!

The best party in Boise, for the twelfth year in a row: Sensory Illumination XII - 2018! And also once again, tickets can be purchased at Subspace, only at 556 S. Vista Ave.

If you have not been to Sensory in previous years, and are curious what all the hoopla is about, let's clear that up!

Altitude Lounge on playa at Burning Man 2017.

Originally a party thrown to raise funds for a Boise camp that brings a tremendous offering to Burning Man and other festivals each year, Altitude Lounge, Sensory is a once-a-year one-night-only costume party held in downtown Boise, and presents just a little taste of what we burners love about Burning Man. For the last several years the location has been at China Blue including the fenced off alley & parking lot area outside, with many stages of DJs providing enough music to dance your bejeweled feet off! This year will be 5 stages, and many new surprises! There are live performances as well, with aerial silks, dance and other performances indoors, plus fire dancers and live performance art outdoors. So much activity it's a shame we are given only 5 hours to experience it all!

Sensory is one of the local parties you definitely need to dress the part for: anything sensory (tactile, bright colors, flashy), or illuminated (with lights). This is the way we dress at Burning Man. It will be a cold night out in the back lot, but steamy hot inside the club, so a good balance of light layers and staying busy dancing will keep you comfortable temperature-wise. Creativity is the essence in making yourself shine at Sensory, by being a "participant!" Many people come to Subspace for items to base their outfit on or to add an exciting accent to their idea. And of course you can do that when you come to Subspace to buy your tickets! Join us at the twelfth Sensory Illumination!

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