Psst…We have a naughty little secret to tell. Or perhaps you already know? Boise is home to a cavorting & glittery burlesque scene!  From classic burlesque & sideshow acts to neo-burlesque & vaudevillian cabaret, local ensembles, troupes & revues have been taking the Treasure Valley by storm!

Subspace supports the local burlesque scene and often sponsors various acts around town.  We carry many of the wardrobe items you see on stage like twirly tassel pasties, luxuriant feather boas, fanciful ostrich plumage fans, sexy corsets, slinky hosiery, and seductive shoes & lingerie! You’ll discover a wide range of wardrobe items for burlesque pros & bedroom novices alike—because in order to “take it off,” you need to put it on!

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